A.F. Knott is a self taught artist/novelist. He has worked in many capacities. He displays and sells his collage, both hand made and digital, from this site. Hand made cards are also available, as well as made to order - that is, you specify size, shape, quantity and theme - holidays, sports figures, noir skulduggery, splotches, splooches and wooches. Acrylic paint, the color yellow, black and white film image, bang bang and engineering texts are favored. Inspired by Hannah Höch, Kurt Schwitters, the Ringlers and the general maelstrom of existence. All collages are for sale, all negotiable. Will ship by Priority Mail, USPS. He also sells in the park, Union Square, in New York City. Uses Curioos, Redbubble, Flickr and Facebook to display his work and is trying to figure out not only why, but how. On Tumblr, he displays as well other contemporary images that stoke the furnace of his cannonball express . . .






Please contact him by e mail: tony@afknott.com.